Whether mailing a monthly magazine, a postcard, or an annual catalog…Sunray Printing Solutions can help you print and mail so you can build traffic, target key prospects, generate sales leads, or create awareness about your products and services.  Sunray can help you choose the five key areas of a successful mailing: geographic, demographic, timing, list fatigue, and mailing vehicle. Contact Bob Byers at 320-492-3017 for answers to your questions.

Postcard Program

Postcards can be an excellent way to get your message to current and future customers. From a one-time blast to a long-term strategy … from a boutique store to a Fortune 500 company …we can help. Contact Bob Byers at 320-253-8808.

A saturation list, carefully chosen from local carrier routes, has success written all over it. Saturation mailings offer an environment free of competition, plus a much greater opportunity for branding since your ad won’t be buried deep inside a newspaper.

If you’re a business looking for an inexpensive way to increase sales, you might want to consider saturating your market. A saturation mailing is a targeted offer to the true customer base of your business. It is inexpensive in preparation and postage, and can reach customers very quickly.