Environmental Issues

Sunray Printing has taken extensive steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes examining what we do and how we interact with our environment. Some examples of the steps we have taken include:


- We have certified lead free materials in accordance to the Federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.


- Sunray Printing utilizes Toyo Inks in our offset process. These are organically (soy) based inks. We feel Toyo Ink is an exceptional partner and takes environmental issues seriously. They have done extensive environmental reports that can be found at their website www.toyoink.com.


- The house gloss stock at Sunray Printing is made from 10% post-consumer waste. It is made in the USA reducing the transportation footprint involved in getting the stock to our plant. Our linen stock is produced with 50% post-consumer waste. Specific stocks with a higher percentage of post-consumer waste can be requested for minimal costs. Ask your sales representative for specifics.


- Sunray Printing recycles all cardboard, scrap paper, metal plates, ink cans and plastic. Any tissue paper used in packing is also reused. We reuse pallets for as long as possible. When we cannot use them anymore, we have partnered with a local greenhouse to extend the life of the pallets.


- Sunrays employees have been encouraged and engaged in bringing their recycling to work if home recycling is unavailable.


- We have partnered with the local utilities to utilize off peak energy programs.


- Our latest press is equipped with high efficiency motors reducing energy consumption.


- Our plant is designed with an air exchange system that allows us to cool the building using less energy.


- We use recycled ink in our labeling and addressing machine.


We really like using Sunray Printing because they are local. Also, we can get pictures of our club and make mailings more personalized.